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Our Team

We’re Here for You

The strength of our company lies in the fact that our team performs its tasks with passion and commitment. With their wide range of skills and talents, our employees work hand in hand. They communicate, cooperate, share knowledge and support each other. They are the ones who develop ideas, because innovation and teamwork are also the driving force behind our customers’ success.


Photo by Julian Wohlan
Julian Wohlan
Photo by Marcel Wohlan
Marcel Wohlan

W & W – a team since childhood. We have understood that it’s our task to always offer the best possible support. As a management team, we see ourselves as ”caretakers“ who work hard to look after the needs and interests of our customers, partners and employees.

Management Poland location

Michał Matusiak

We maintain a close partnership with our contractors. Our location in Kalisz, Poland enables efficient and smooth communication as well as direct support. This enables us to ensure that all project requirements and details are taken into account at an early stage and improves the effectiveness of project execution.

Customer advice

Photo of Mario Monsees
Mario Monsees
Photo of Frank Limbeck
Frank Limbeck
Photo of Janosch Budde
Janosch Budde

What resources does the client need for his project site? Which experts, machines and services are required? Are special qualifications or skills expected? We do our very best to answer all questions relating to the project so that you have all the information you need in advance. We don’t want any surprises either.

Project Mediation and Management

Photo of Manuel Monsees
Manuel Monsees
Photo of Marcel Schröder
Marcel Schröder
Photo of Isabell Voigt
Isabell Voigt
Photo of Stefanie Schwaßmann
Stefanie Schwaßmann ppa.
Photo of Lynn-Marie Pirnke
Lynn-Marie Pirnke
Photo of Jessica Link
Jessica Link

We take the requirements of our customers and partners very seriously. That’s why we know that good service doesn’t end with project placement. We look after you throughout the entire duration of the project and are always ready to listen. Our aim is for everything to go well in the end. After all, we’re here to help you.

Full transparency and predictable performance right from the very beginning. An effective quality control system supports our invoice management in monitoring the costs for each individual project. We take care of correct payments from the client.

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