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We are reachable for you every day and will even get in touch with you at short notice outside office hours.

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Gnarrenburger Straße 64
27432 Bremervörde
+49 4761 99 600 99 service@personaleinsatz.eu
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Why Us?

Everything Fair, Everything Settled!

Finding clients, capturing requirements, concluding contracts, arranging projects, monitoring payments – W & W Personaleinsatz GmbH takes care of all this. We offer you outstanding service!

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Our clients are reliable. We carefully check the credit rating of companies before working with them. You deserve to be paid on time.

We have the matching projects. The detailed job descriptions will help you successfully contribute your skills, experience and qualifications.

Good work for good money. In our tender portal you will only find projects with the best possible hourly rates. We recognise your outstanding work.

We place rewarding orders. There are new, attractive projects every day. You can choose between short-term and long-term plannable assignments. We are also frequently able to offer you follow-up contracts.

Cooperation without detours. Thanks to the brokerage of W & W Personaleinsatz GmbH, you will conclude a work contract directly with the German company. We will organise everything that is required for you.

Everything is well thought out. As a German company, we know the bureaucratic challenges. With many years of experience, we will stand by your side as a reliable partner.

Regular payment in full. We support you with weekly invoicing and ensure that payments will be received on time within the deadline.

Working with us is fun. We are professionals in the building industry and know your needs. We remain your point of contact and support you in all matters, even after the project has been completed.

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