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General questions

We help you select attractive projects in Germany. With our tenders, we secure strong work contracts with German industrial and trade companies.

To provide you with the best possible support, we offer a whole package of services:

  • Tested, decent clients
  • Precise tenders
  • Worthwhile projects for short and long-term planning
  • Direct and fast contract processing
  • Best possible hourly rates
  • Punctual and regular payment
  • Follow-up orders at any time for lasting success

We are also available to you as a reliable contact beyond the duration of a project.
Find out more here.

We employ experts from the field! Not only do most of our colleagues come directly from the construction industry, as specialists at W & W Personaleinsatz GmbH we all have many years of experience in various sectors. Our expertise covers all the trades in demand and enables us to offer projects that are exactly right for your needs.

Our careful selection process ensures that we only work with reliable clients.

The free movement of workers gives nationals of all EU member states the right to freely choose their place of employment within the EU. You can therefore offer your services across borders in Europe without an extra work permit.

To become a subcontractor on German construction sites, you only need to have a few documents ready (here information about important documents and certificates).

You can find attractive projects on our homepage every day. Here you can become a contractor with just a few clicks. We have a simple application guide for you.

If you would like us to inform you personally about our application process, you can find out more find out more here.

Every tender on our homepage is an attractive project in Germany with an optimally negotiated work contract.

The precise job descriptions will help you to successfully contribute your skills, experience and qualifications. All other project details such as the number of specialists, duration, location, language skills, accommodation and hourly rates can be found in the detailed view. All you have to do is apply and sign!

On our homepage you will find an overview of all current projects.

You can find detailed information on our homepage. We also have sample documents for cooperation. If the information on our homepage is not enough for you, we recommend that you contact our specialists personally. They will be happy to provide you with further information and documents. No question is so specific that we can't answer it. Contact us here.

Contract and performance

You conclude our contract for work directly with your client. All you have to do is sign it.

We remain your direct contact for placement, project management and all supporting services before, during and beyond the term of the contract.

And while you take care of the construction site, we ensure punctual payment on your behalf. A separate commission and collection agreement is concluded for each project. (You can view the authorization to receive money here.)

We put all clients through their paces. It's not just the credit reform that gives us extensive insights. Signals such as previous communication, managing director and shareholder structure are also checked before we offer you a project to choose from.

We often know good clients from previous projects because they have been in the market for a long time and are happy to work with European subcontractors.

We stand by your side "without ifs and buts". We take care of you and your crew from start to finish - before, during and after the job on the construction site. We also take care of extensions or follow-up orders with other clients.

Your big advantage: You always have the same contact person - W & W Personaleinsatz GmbH.

We have provided you with all the information about important certificates compiled for you. Before you start work, we will go through all the necessary documents with you to ensure that you have all the necessary documents in good time (e.g. A1 and exemption certificate in accordance with § 48b, VAT ID number to simplify billing, etc.). This way, no one will experience any nasty surprises.

As a German company, W & W Personaleinsatz GmbH knows the legal situation. We know exactly which invoicing regulations must be complied with in Germany. Supporting you in this is part of our service.

Once you’ve signed all the paperwork, you’re good to go. Feel free to start as soon as possible or choose a long-term project with sufficient preparation time.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract within 24 hours of the start of the project if the client does not suit to you.

During this time, you can also convince him of the quality of your work. If they have any doubts about the suitability of your team for the project, you will be given the opportunity to provide a replacement within 72 hours. Otherwise, the client can also withdraw from the contract free of charge.

The satisfaction of contractor and client is our obligation.

If you are dissatisfied with the progress of the project, the circumstances on the construction site or the client due to serious violations, you can terminate the contract without notice. In such a case, we will endeavor to find a replacement project for you.

A mutual cancellation period of 7 calendar days has been agreed by both parties at any time (e.g. in the event of an early end to the project).

Costs and invoice

As a rule, billing is on an hourly basis. We know that there are otherwise too many factors influencing the remuneration of your workers. By reporting hours and activities on a weekly basis, you can be sure that your work is recorded and paid correctly. (You can view the activity report here.)

With us, you will receive the best possible remuneration. Of course, all additional expenses (such as consulting, travel or accommodation) are already included. This is fair and simplifies billing for you.

That's why you get above-average hourly rates for each trade - we make sure that your crew doesn't work below value.

You'll benefit from new tenders every day, attractive work contracts, fast contract conclusion, high hourly rates, simple organization and our perfect support at a low fee.

With us, you will become a successful subcontractor on German construction sites.

Parallel to the contract for work and services, you instruct us to invoice your services to the client regularly and in full in your name. We monitor incoming payments closely and, if necessary, also take over the dunning process. In this way, we ensure clean financial processing and you receive your money quickly and punctually

You take care of the construction site and we take care of correct payment. (You can view the authorization to receive money here.)

So that you don't have to wait long, we will receive the signed time sheets / activity timesheets / activity reports. These will be invoiced to your client immediately - the payment term is 7 calendar days. This results in a weekly payment.

We support you here too. We remind the client on the first day the invoice is due and our dunning procedure begins after three days. You will receive a copy of all processes. We will work intensively with you to find a quick solution.

We make sure that your work is paid on time.

We will transfer all incoming payments to you on the same day. The fee for our services is then simply deducted from this. So you don't incur any costs as long as due invoices have not been paid. We summarize our remuneration once a month on a collective invoice for your accounting department.

As a subcontractor in the construction industry, you are insured against damage claims. We will ask you to confirm this. If possible, you can rework damage directly on site by arrangement. To ensure that nobody is left with the costs in the event of a claim, we support clients and contractors with a quick and clean settlement.

So you’re not alone.

Working hours

That depends entirely on the project. To ensure that an assignment makes sense for you, we strive for projects for at least two men. We also receive requests for solo self-employed workers and for large construction crews consisting of several trades.

Anything from two weeks to a year is possible. However, we recommend long-term partnerships over several projects.

We keep an eye on this and organize extensions over months ifthe cooperation on the construction site works well.

We know that your journey is only worthwhile if you work more than 40 hours a week. That's why most projects allow 50 hours or more.

How your crew organizes its working time depends on the construction site (e.g. accessibility).

There is of course the option of working on Saturdays if the project schedule allows and the collaboration works. We will support you if you have any questions about working times.

In principle, you can set your own break times. However, they should fit in with the construction site process.


German speaking craftsmen are in high demand. For efficient communication on the construction site, at least one colleague needs foreign language skills (e.g. English or German). It is therefore advisable to be able to offer several languages. However, this is not always a prerequisite.

Of course, clients need subcontractors with experienced specialists for their projects. In the tender, you can see what qualifications the client expects and whether the requirements suit you and your team. Experienced helpers are also often needed.

No - the clients know that "Geselle" and "Meister" are German training designations, which do not exist in this form in most European countries. However, this says nothing about your skills and quality of work.

Common tools (carried on the person) and personal protective equipment (z.e.g. safety helmet, goggles, welding shield, hearing protection, gloves, S3 safety shoes or safety harness) is usually expected. Large and special tools, scaffolding, ladders and steps are provided by the client.

It has proven to be convenient for your employees to travel with their own vehicles. This allows them to remain flexible and independent on site.

Of course, your crew will need suitable accommodation. If the client does not rent accommodation from their own property, we will be happy to help you find it. In addition, you will receive a €3.00 higher hourly rate as compensation. You can find more information about accommodation in the invitation to tender.

Additionally for 24-hour care

24-hour care requires special commitment and personal dedication from the caregiver. There are specific requirements and agreements for this. We have summarized the most important answers to additional questions about 24-hour care below.


More important than a diploma is your valuable experience and skills, which will enable you to meet the individual needs of our customers in the best possible way.

We attach great importance to finding a suitable caregiver for the individual needs of our clients. This includes language skills. The better you can communicate in German, the higher your salary will be.

We divide your language qualification into three categories: Basic knowledge, good language skills and the ability to use technical terms confidently.

Regardless of your own clothing and personal belongings, specific equipment and materials are provided by the client. As every assignment is individual, it also has specific requirements.

Normally, the caregivers can arrive with an organized shuttle service.

If you have the required driving license, you can often use a vehicle from the customer. It is important to us that every need can always be met in the best possible way.

Working hours

Anything from one month to one year is possible.

We keep this in mind and organize extensions over months and years once a good relationship has been established. We believe it is important that you are able to meet your childcare needs in the best possible way, regardless of the duration of the assignment.

For our customers, safety and well-being are around the clock very important. Night watches are therefore an important part of the care service. Especially at night, when the person being cared for comes to rest, it is very important to be looked after when needed.

The 24-hour care concept includes support at weekends.

Your break and rest times depend on the situation. They can be taken flexibly at any time. This means you have enough free time and can still be ready for action immediately in an emergency.

Of course, we make sure that care is guaranteed at all times, even if you have to go home. The continuation of your employment will not be interrupted by the substitute.

Service and remuneration

We will always stay by your side and support you throughout your entire assignment, because your well-being and satisfaction are particularly important to us. You can rely on us to always be there for any concerns and questions and to offer our support.

We are proud to be your reliable partner for follow-up assignments.

24-hour care is paid at a daily rate that takes into account your agreed activities and working hours. Depending on the scope of work, tasks and expected working hours, a fair daily rate is paid that also takes into account your language skills, know-how and trips home.

Precise job descriptions will help you to successfully contribute your skills, experience and qualifications. You can find all further information such as duration, location, German language skills and fixed daily rate in the detailed view. On our homepage you will find an overview of all currently available assignments.

It is very important to us that you are appropriately remunerated for your willingness and continuous attendance. This means that each day of attendance is billed at the agreed daily rate.

On special days (especially major public holidays such as Easter, Christmas or New Year), an additional surcharge will be charged. In this way, you will be adequately and fairly compensated for being away from your family on these days. The amount of the supplement is 100% of the daily rate.

You live under the same roof as the person in need of care. This allows you to provide better care, as you are present around the clock and can build up a personal relationship with the person in need of care.

In return, you live in a lockable room with a window and access to a shared kitchen and bathroom. As a rule, you will also have access to a TV and WiFi.

The daily rate already includes a travel allowance of €5. This approach enables transparent billing and ensures that a reasonable amount of €150 is available each month for your arrival and departure.

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